Why You Should Consider Having Your Pool Deck Resurfacing Before Summer

Oct 29, 2020 | Epoxy Flooring Tips

Why You Should Consider Pool Deck Resurfacing Before Summer

Your swimming pool is where so many fun summer memories are made every year. This is the site of numerous family and friend gatherings, relaxing summer days, and so much more.

So, why wouldn’t you want to keep it in top shape?

There are many reasons to have your pool deck resurfaced before summer comes around again. In the article below, we’ll discuss these reasons to consider pool deck resurfacing so your pool deck can look and perform its best for you and your family next summer!

What is Pool Deck Resurfacing?

Pool deck resurfacing is a process in which any damage present on your pool deck is repaired, and the entire surface is coated to give your deck a new look. These coatings range from concrete overlays to acrylic coatings. You can even have a stamped concrete overlay installed to give your pool deck the appearance of high-end materials like brick, stone, or even wood.

Cracking and Scaling

Cracks in your concrete can make your pool deck look unsightly as well as creating dangerous trip hazards. When your pool deck settles, it’s normal for some cracks to occur after installation. When you have your pool deck resurfaced, these cracks will be filled and sealed to prevent them from spreading further.

Scaling and flaking happen when your concrete is exposed to recurring freeze/thaw cycles during winter, which you can’t avoid. The porous surface of the concrete absorbs moisture, which then freezes and expands. This expansion puts pressure on the concrete’s surface before thawing and releasing the tension. After a few cycles, this leads to a loose, flaky texture on the surface, referred to as scaling. When you have your pool deck resurfaced, this scaling is ground away before applying the resurfacing material.

Stains and Discoloration

Staining and discoloration are hard to avoid when it comes to your pool deck. These stains or discolored areas can leave your pool deck looking less than desirable. When you choose to have your pool deck resurfaced, the new coating will cover these stains and discoloration, leaving your pool deck looking as good as new!

Slippery Surfaces

If you’ve used your pool deck frequently, the texture may be wearing down, if it hasn’t already. This can cause your deck to be slippery, especially when you’re using the swimming pool. A slippery pool deck can lead to all sorts of possible injuries for you and your pool-goers.

When you choose to have your pool deck resurfaced, a new coating will be applied that gives your pool deck’s surface some revitalized texture. This new texture will help to keep your deck safer and look better.

Finishing Up

Now that summer is over, it’s the best time to have your pool deck resurfaced in preparation for next summer! Keep your pool looking and performing better for you, your family, and your guests by having it resurfaced. Problems like cracking, scaling, stains, discoloration, and slippery surfaces will no longer be an issue! For these reasons, you should consider pool deck resurfacing before summer comes back around.

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