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Epoxy Flooring Installations

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When it comes to growing and cultivating marijuana, you need the ideal horticultural conditions in place. The cannabis industry is expanding rapidly and so you want to take the necessary steps toward setting up shop and ensuring that you can establish a business that will flourish and prosper well into the future.

However, in most warehouses and indoor facilities where grow operations are set up, the material used for the flooring is usually concrete or some kind of cheap asphalt. Areas that experience a high amount of foot traffic can have a damaging effect on your concrete flooring, and this can eventually create interruptions and stoppages in your business operations. This is why you need to install epoxy flooring; the material is extremely durable, long-lasting, and will not require repairs and resurfacing for many years to come.

Why You Need to Install Epoxy Flooring

metallic epoxy Florida

In a facility where the floors are going to be exposed to water and other organic materials constantly, then you need a flooring solution that will resist erosion and accelerated deterioration.

Epoxy flooring provides an extra layer of protection against chemicals and bacteria, and it offers powerful load-bearing capabilities. Epoxy flooring also establishes a safe and secure indoor environment and the material offers a great deal of slip and skid resistance.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring:

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Fast and Easy to Clean

The durable, slip-resistant overlay of the epoxy isolates any liquid and chemical spills and it protects the concrete underneath. Whether you rely on a hydroponic cleaning system or something simpler such as a spray hose, then there will be no difficulty in removing any dirt, debris, or other contaminating substances.

Improved Lighting

The epoxy material is shiny and reflective, which makes it much easier to achieve the proper lighting to grow marijuana plants. This also makes it much easier to establish an ancillary environment that traps heat and allows you to control and maintain a desirable temperature. This will also help you save money on your utility bills.

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Avoiding Disruptions in Production

When an issue arises with your current concrete flooring, then this may require you to shut things down for weeks at a time, which can make it difficult for you to resume normal operations. Epoxy flooring enables you to work around the installation/resurfacing process. Also, installations take minimal time to complete.

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Additional Benefits:

Durability and Strength

Epoxy flooring is incredibly durable and it requires minimal maintenance from you to preserve the structural integrity of your concrete flooring. The material is resistant to heat and moisture, so your flooring will remain in pristine condition for many years to come. Also, the load-bearing capabilities of epoxy flooring enable you to transport heavy equipment and materials throughout your facility.

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The polished epoxy surface is also stain-resistant, which means that chemicals and other substances will not absorb into your flooring. Most other flooring materials do not compare to the durability and structural resilience of epoxy.

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Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance is greatly simplified when it comes to epoxy flooring, and this is because when anything spills on your floor, it can be easily wiped away or cleaned up. Also, dust and bacteria will not cling or adhere to the polished epoxy overlay, so you can easily sweep any debris or trash that accumulates on your floor. Simply mopping or sweeping your floor will have it looking polished and pristine like before.

Long-Lasting Materials

When it comes to your flooring, you want a material that is long-lasting and will stand the test of time. The durability and resilience of epoxy flooring ensure that you will not need to worry about repair or replacement services well into the future. The material can easily withstand the wear and tear of everyday operational activity. Epoxy flooring on average lasts for around 20 years with routine cleaning and maintenance.

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Epoxy flooring

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

Epoxy flooring is an environmentally friendly option when it comes to installing a new flooring system, and this is because minimal materials are required to produce the epoxy mixture, and no machinery is used during the application process. Also, epoxy flooring lasts for decades at a time, which means that you will rarely need to perform extensive repairs or resurfacing services. This enables you to conserve the materials that go towards building and constructing new concrete flooring. There is no denying that epoxy flooring represents a greener alternative to traditional concrete installations.

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Increased Saftey and Visibility

Your safety and the safety of your employees is paramount to the way you do business, and this is why you should strongly consider an epoxy flooring installation. The epoxy material is shiny and reflective, which provides you with increased visibility and enables you to avoid accidents and collisions. Also, the slip-resistant properties of the epoxy will greatly reduce the number of accidents that occur because you are much less likely to fall over and injure yourself. Certain additives can be included in your epoxy mixture to provide you with ample grip and skid-resistance.

Let’s examine some of the

Pros and Cons of Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy Flooring Pros:

  • Produces an aesthetically appealing appearance in your flooring
  • Epoxy flooring installations are extremely affordable and they will help save money over time on repairs and resurfacing
  • Epoxy flooring offers a great deal of durability against natural wear and tear and erosion
  • The epoxy material is very long-lasting and ensures that you won’t have to worry about repairing your floor well into the future
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Epoxy Flooring Cons:

  • Although epoxy flooring provides you with a lot of structural reliability, it is a temporary solution that you will eventually need to replace
  • The preparation involved before we apply the epoxy material to your concrete flooring can be very tedious and time-consuming depending on your floor’s condition
  • When initially applied, the epoxy material emits a strong odor that smells like ammonia, which can be overwhelming and nauseating
  • After the epoxy material finishes curing, it can be challenging to remove it if you want to change its appearance
Metallic epoxy floors

Professional Epoxy Installations

Although it is possible to install epoxy flooring on your own, we strongly recommend that you have a professional get the job done. This is because applying the epoxy material can be very strenuous and overtaxing, and if it’s not done correctly, then you will have to reinstall everything. This can lead to unnecessary expenses that you can easily avoid through our professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why does epoxy flooring work well in commercial settings?

The epoxy material is engineered towards optimizing efficiency and simplifying business operations. The strength and durability of epoxy flooring make it a prime option for industrial environments where your concrete floor will require heavy load-bearing capabilities. Epoxy installations can withstand all of the heavy-duty machinery and industrial processes that require a sturdy and structural reliable flooring alternative. It takes a lot of physical punishment for epoxy flooring to undergo any kind of deterioration or structural damage. This makes it an attractive option for business owners and manufacturers.


How long does it take to prepare my concrete floor?

There are several steps involved in preparing your concrete floor for an epoxy installation. First, we have to clean things up and ensure that there isn’t any trash or debris on the ground. Then, we inspect your floor for any crack, chips, or structural imperfections and we repair the damage. We also need to resurface your floor to ensure that the epoxy material will adhere to it. After that, we produce the epoxy mixture that we use to apply on top of your concrete flooring. The length of time it takes us to undergo any preparations ultimately depends on the condition fo your flooring system. On average, preparations take us about a day to complete, sometimes even less.

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