Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage Floor Epoxy

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Every garage needs a floor that can stand up against the constant wear and tear of this room. With everyday vehicle traffic and storage, water exposure, spills, impacts, and much more, the garage sees a lot of abuse. That’s where garage floor epoxy comes in. This versatile flooring system is designed to handle the everyday wear and tear that garages are subject to without being damaged or wearing down. Not only can epoxy handle these factors and more, but it can also transform the look of your garage to something extravagant! Our company has been installing the highest quality epoxy garage floors for our neighbors in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas for years! We have the skills and expertise to deliver top-of-the-line results with friendly customer service and professionalism. We take great pride in the work we do, and it shows in our floors!

Types of Garage Floor Epoxy

metallic epoxy Florida

We offer several types of epoxy that can be installed for your garage floor. Each type and style provides its own unique benefits and designs. Our most popular choices are standard epoxy, metallic epoxy, and decorative flake epoxy. Below, we’ll discuss the types of epoxy flooring in further detail to give you a better understanding of your choices!

Below are the various types of epoxy that we install for garage floor epoxy:

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Standard Epoxy

Standard epoxy comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns to suit any design needs! This floor can be installed in one solid color or multiple colors to create various effects and patterns! This is one of the most affordable garage floor epoxy options that we offer!

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy is created by mixing metallic pigments into the resin during application. The result is a spectacular floor that cannot be duplicated. This garage floor can be made with swirled patterns or even mimic scenes from nature, such as boiling lava, crashing ocean waves, or a cloud-filled sky!

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Decorative Flake Epoxy

Decorative flake epoxy is created by applying a layer of acrylic chips over the epoxy primer and finishing it with a clear topcoat. The texture caused by these flakes can give your garage some added slip resistance as well! They come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your specific needs.

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Garage Floor Epoxy offers many benefits to homeowners. Below are some of the most notable:

Ease of Maintenance

Garage floor epoxy is much easier to maintain than bare concrete or other traditional flooring systems. Plain concrete is easily stained and can be challenging to sweep or mop clean. On the other hand, garage floor epoxy is quick and easy to clean up and can save you a great deal of time on maintenance. All the maintenance of this concrete coating entails is daily sweeping or dust mopping, spot mopping, and weekly wet mopping to keep it looking beautiful.

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Investing in a quality dust mop can also help cut the time invested in maintaining this flooring system even further!

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One of the most notable benefits of epoxy flooring is its remarkable durability. This robust floor coating can withstand hard impacts from heavy objects, rough abrasions, and frequent foot and vehicle traffic without the worry of damage or premature wear. This benefit can help homeowners save money on early repairs or floor replacements. Many other conventional flooring systems can easily be damaged by these factors and result in expensive repairs.


The vast majority of traditional flooring materials are designed to last roughly 10 to 15 years before they have to be replaced. By investing in garage floor epoxy, you can have a floor that’s built to last nearly the lifetime of your home! When properly installed and maintained, a garage epoxy floor should last for over 25 years before repairs or replacement are necessary! With nearly double the lifespan of other floors, garage floor epoxy is a clear choice.

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Increase Property Value

Garage floor epoxy is an excellent investment when it comes to the value of your home. This long-lasting flooring system instantly increases the value of your home and curb appeal. If you’re planning on selling your home in the future, this can be an excellent way to attract potential buyers. Epoxy flooring is a sought after addition to any home because of its long lifespan and durability. Get the most out of your home with a garage epoxy floor!

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Limitless Customization

No matter if you intend for your garage to simply be storage for your vehicle, a workshop, or a showroom for your prized car, garage floor epoxy has the perfect flooring solution for you! This concrete coating is exceptionally customizable and has an option to fit any design need! There is no limit to the possibilities of combinations and designs with unlimited colors, patterns, and textures available.

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Garage Floor Epoxy VS. Bare Concrete

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Pros of Epoxy Flooring

  • Garage floor epoxy is resistant to various chemicals, waterproof, and stain-resistant.
  • This floor coating is extremely durable, able to withstand hard impacts, abrasions, and high foot or vehicle traffic.
  • Garage epoxy floors are installed seamlessly, providing a smooth surface for quick and easy maintenance.
  • Intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and unique textures can all be applied to epoxy garage floors.
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Bare Concrete Floors

  • Exposure to chemicals and water will stain, and even damage, bare concrete floors.
  • Dropped objects or equipment can result in cracks, pits, or chipping in bare concrete flooring.
  • Concrete floors require seams to prevent cracking, making cleaning them more difficult, along with their rough texture.
  • The customization of bare concrete is limited to the color selection of concrete stains and stenciled or scored patterns.
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Why Hire a Professional?

The process of installing epoxy is quite intricate and requires close attention to detail. Even a simple mistake can result in starting the process entirely over. Not to mention, the DIY kits at Big Box stores don’t come close to the quality of professional epoxy. Don’t waste money on a DIY kit when a professional can get the job done right.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much does garage floor epoxy cost?

The cost of garage floor epoxy installation can vary. The factors that influence this are your garage’s size, the complexity of the pattern, and the type of epoxy you choose. Typically, the smaller the garage, the less per square foot the cost will be. On average, the price for installing garage floor epoxy is from $3 to $7 per square foot for standard epoxy. Metallic epoxy is generally between $7 and $12 per square foot. Decorative flake epoxy can cost around $5 to $12 per square foot.


How long does it take to install garage floor epoxy?

The time it takes to install your garage epoxy floor depends on several factors. The garage’s size and the condition of your existing concrete both play a role in how long the install will take. Prepping the concrete usually takes more time than the application of the epoxy itself. On average, installation only takes around one to two days, depending on these factors. However, for larger garages or custom epoxy designs, the installation process can take several days to complete.

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