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Concrete polishing is an excellent way to strengthen practically any concrete floor! This process enhances the concrete and makes the surface virtually non-permeable. Your worn concrete floor will go from chipped and weak to durable and highly resistant! Not only will you benefit from the physical benefits that concrete polishing provides, but you’ll also receive the aesthetic benefits. Concrete polishing can beautify any concrete floor! The process brings a glossy sheen to the floor that inherently reflects light! Our team of concrete contractors has the skills and expertise to handle any concrete polishing job. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured to give our customers protection, quality craftsmanship, and peace of mind. If you’re ready to upgrade your concrete floors through concrete polishing, give us a call today!

Where to Utilize Polished Concrete?

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Polished concrete is an affordable method to strengthen concrete floors in practically any setting. Concrete polishing has seen use everywhere, from homes to businesses to industrial complexes. Whether you’re having your concrete polished for appearances, strengthening, or lengthening your floor’s lifespan, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ll examine some of the most popular applications for concrete polishing.

Below, you can see the most common places that we polish concrete:

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Concrete polishing can benefit any at-home concrete floor. No matter if it’s your garage, basement, or even your living room, polishing your concrete floors, can make them more beautiful and robust. Polishing your concrete can protect your garage and basement from water-related issues as well!


Commercial businesses can benefit significantly from the use of polished concrete. With the glossy finish that it provides, concrete polishing will make any business look more professional while strengthening the concrete to withstand the heavy foot traffic that is so common in commercial settings.

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Industrial facilities frequently use polished concrete to enhance their spaces. The naturally reflective surface of polished concrete helps save these locations on lighting. The increase in durability allows the floors to endure the constant wear and tear that many industrial areas are subject to!

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Concrete Polishing Offers Many Benefits. Below, we’ll take a closer look at these benefits:

Durability & Resistance

The actual concrete polishing process will strengthen your concrete floor, making it more durable and resistant to chemicals, solvents, and even water! Once we’ve finished polishing your concrete floor, it will be able to withstand a much broader range of impacts, abrasions, and heavy foot traffic. The polishing process makes the surface less porous as well! This means that chemicals found everywhere from homes to businesses to industrial facilities will not damage your floor. Not to mention, cleaning these chemicals is as simple as wiping them up with the proper materials.

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So long as all spills are cleaned up promptly, there is no risk of damage or fading with your new polished concrete floor.

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Concrete is already a long-lasting flooring option. It’s challenging to wear it down directly through everyday use. However, once you have your concrete polished, decades are added to its lifespan. No matter the amount of use this floor experiences, it will last a remarkably long time. Even when polished concrete bears the load of semi-heavy machinery, such as forklifts or floor polishers, it will not wear down the same way traditional flooring does.


Concrete polishing is one of the most affordable concrete enhancements that you can find! In choosing to have your concrete polished over other high-end flooring materials, you’ll save money and time. The added durability and longevity compared to the price of polishing your concrete make this affordable flooring a cost-efficient investment for any home, business, or industrial building.

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Whether it’s at your home, business, or industrial building, polished concrete can help improve your space no matter the design or style of your place. The polish on the floor can also be customized from a dull finish to a highly-reflective gloss finish. There are also plenty of choices when it comes to colors and textures for your floor. With the customization options available for concrete, you can match virtually any design scheme!

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Polished concrete is the perfect flooring solution for anyone who wants to keep their space eco=friendly. This sustainable flooring solution utilizes the floor that you already have in place, saving on waste material. Not to mention, polished concrete doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Should your floor ever need to be removed for any reason, polished concrete floors are completely recyclable as well.

All the Info on Concrete Polishing

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The Concrete Polishing Process

The first step in polishing your concrete floor is cleaning and inspecting the concrete for damage. If any damage is present, we’ll repair it before proceeding to the next steps. Once all cracks, chips, or pits have been filled or patched, we can begin grinding the floor. This starts with a three to four-step rough grinding to remove any minor blemishes, stains, or residual coatings. Once the coarse grinding is complete, we apply an impregnating sealer that densifies and protects the concrete from the inside out. Lastly, we polish the floor using fine-grit grinding wheels to the desired level of sheen. Your floor is ready to use as soon as we finish!

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Polished Concrete Costs

The cost of polishing your concrete floor depends on a few different factors. The size of your floor, the amount of damage present, and the level of sheen you want for your floor will all affect the cost of your project. Usually, the larger your floor space, the less per square foot it will cost. You should expect to pay roughly around $3 to $12 per square foot for your polished concrete floor.

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Why Hire a Professional?

Hiring a professional will save you a lot of time, money, and headaches. To polish a concrete floor, you’ll need to rent a floor grinding machine, which can be an expensive upfront cost. Not to mention, Any mistakes made during this process can result in you starting your project over. It’s best to leave this job to the pros.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can all concrete be polished?

In most cases, any concrete floor can be polished. However, there are a few rare cases where a floor cannot be polished. If the concrete base’s damage is too significant, making the concrete structurally unsound, we will not be able to polish it. It’s worth noting that the vast majority of concrete floors are eligible for polishing, and only the most severe cases cannot be polished.


How do I maintain my polished concrete floor?

Maintaining a polished concrete floor is fast and straightforward. This is one of the reasons that concrete polishing has grown to be so popular for homes and businesses. All that the maintenance for this flooring system entails is regular dust mopping or sweeping to keep debris off the floor. Wet mop on a weekly basis to ensure that no dirt is sticking to the surface of the concrete. Avoid using cleaners with high acidic properties as they can dull the shine on the floor. Avoid soapy cleaners as well because they can leave a residue across your floor. Clean up spills immediately to avoid slips or falls and possible stains from prolonged exposure to the spill.

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