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Commercial Epoxy Flooring Services

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A sleek, new epoxy floor can be an incredible way to enhance the look of any commercial business. These robust flooring systems can handle the demands of a commercial facility without wearing down or fading. We understand at Epoxy Flooring LA that commercial companies require a sturdy floor that can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic and more! Our team has years of experience providing high-quality commercial epoxy floors to businesses in our area! Our concrete contractors have been thoroughly trained to ensure that you’re receiving nothing less than the best in quality craftsmanship and customer service. If you want to learn more about our various services, give us a call today or visit our homepage!

Types of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

metallic epoxy Florida

Our company offers several types of epoxy flooring to help improve your commercial business. From standard epoxy to metallic epoxy to decorative flake epoxy, we can do it all! No matter what type of business you run or where it’s at, we have an option to fit your design needs and your budget! These epoxy styles can be found in all sorts of businesses, such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and retail stores!

Below, you can see the different types of commercial epoxy that we offer:

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Standard Epoxy

Standard epoxy is the most affordable option that we offer for commercial epoxy flooring. This style of epoxy floor can be customized with a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures to suit your needs. From solid colors to striped and floral designs that use multiple colors, we can spruce up any business floor!

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy is one of the most unique floor coatings that you can have for your business. This one-of-a-kind flooring system can make your business stand out from the crowd with beautiful patterns and stunning imagery. These floors can create colorful, swirl designs for your floor or mimic scenes from nature, such as fiery lava, rippling ocean water,

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Decorative Flake Epoxy

Decorative flake epoxy is an excellent choice for any business that wants to add some style to their space as well as added strength and safety. By incorporating acrylic chips into the resin mix, your floor will have additional slip resistance and a unique pattern.

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There are numerous benefits to having commercial epoxy installed. Below are some of the most notable:


Epoxy flooring is installed seamlessly, which significantly assists in sanitization. Many commercial businesses require their spaces to keep sanitized at all times, such as hospitals and restaurants. This flooring system is even USDA-approved! With no cracks or seams for dirt and debris to hide in, keeping these floors clean is simple and easy. Sanitization is critical in these locations for health reasons, so it’s essential to keep the floors clean.

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Keeping your floors clean is hard enough with traditional flooring systems. This task is made quick and easy with commercial epoxy!

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Our commercial epoxy flooring systems are built to last for decades! These floor coatings can handle the heavy foot traffic that commercial environments are known for heavy impacts, abrasions, and more. When you choose a floor for your commercial business, you need a floor that can handle your facility’s demands. Commercial epoxy can handle those demands without sustaining damage along the way!

Simple Maintenance

The simple maintenance of commercial epoxy is a remarkable benefit for businesses. By avoiding time-consuming, expensive maintenance routines, your company will save loads of time and money. Commercial epoxy maintenance is as simple as daily sweeping or dust mopping and occasional wet mopping when necessary. Therefore, your business can avoid frequent downtime and focus more on what’s important, doing business!

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Commercial epoxy flooring is highly customizable. These concrete coatings can be customized to meet the needs of virtually any design or decor needs! From standard epoxy to metallic epoxy to decorative flake, we can handle any customized commercial floor! With a myriad of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, there’s no end to the possibilities! Customizing your business’s floor is the best way to display a sense of professionalism to your customers, and commercial epoxy allows you to do that!

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Our commercial epoxy floors have a longer lifespan than practically any other flooring system on the market today. An epoxy floor coating will protect the concrete base from moisture, cracking, and other forms of damage, prolonging your floor’s life by decades! When properly installed and maintained, a commercial epoxy floor can last for more than 25 years! This longevity can save your business from expensive replacement projects and frequent repairs!

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All You Need to Know About Commercial Epoxy Flooring

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Commercial Epoxy Installation

To start the installation process for epoxy flooring, we clean and inspect the floor for damage. If any damage is found, we’ll repair it before moving forward. Once any repairs are made, we’ll begin the surface preparation. Surface prep involves grinding the surface of the concrete down with a floor grinder using a diamond wheel. This grinding is to ensure that the epoxy bonds properly to the concrete. Next, we’ll apply the epoxy, and it’ll need time to cure. After 24 hours, the floor is 90% cured, and it’s 100% cured after 72 hours.

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring Costs

The price of a commercial epoxy floor depends on several different factors. These factors include the type of epoxy you’ve chosen, the size of your space, and the colors you chose. Typically, the larger the size of your floor, the lower the price per square foot will be. On average, the cost for a commercial epoxy floor will be between $3 and $12 per square foot.

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Why Hire a Professional?

Hiring a professional is an excellent way to ensure that your flooring project turns out as expected. Commercial epoxy flooring requires attention to detail and expertise to complete quickly and safely. When you want your commercial flooring done correctly, give us a call!

Frequently Asked Questions


Is commercial epoxy flooring slippery?

Commercial epoxy floors are not inherently slippery. However, they can become slippery when exposed to wet conditions. The good news is that if you know that your commercial epoxy flooring will be exposed to wet conditions regularly, we can include a non-skid additive with your commercial epoxy.


How long will it take to install commercial epoxy flooring?

Typically, it should only take our team one to two days to complete the installation of your commercial epoxy flooring. This can depend on the type of epoxy you chose, the complexity of the design, the colors you added, and your space’s size. Surface prep is the step that takes the longest during the process. If your concrete base requires a lot of repairs, the project can take longer. Once we get past the preparations, applying the epoxy itself moves rather quickly.

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