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Classroom Epoxy Flooring

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Classrooms, from young children to teenagers to college-age students, these spaces need a floor that’s ready for anything. With everyday foot traffic, abrasions, and impacts from dropped school supplies, the possibility of damage is never-ending for classroom floors. Many conventional classroom flooring materials, such as tile, vinyl, or even carpet, simply can’t handle the daily wear and tear of a classroom setting. Epoxy flooring can withstand these factors with no issues or damage as a result. Not to mention, the customizability that epoxy flooring offers allows schools and educational buildings to design floors that look beautiful and even represent their school symbols or mascots! As a place of learning that’s preparing the next generation for the future, your classroom deserves a quality, professional floor to teach on.

Why Your Classroom Needs Epoxy Flooring

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Our team here at Los Angeles Epoxy is ready to provide you with a high-quality classroom floor that’s built to last. Your students and staff will be impressed with the beautiful new look, and your school’s floors will last a lifetime! We’ll work with your educational facility to design the perfect classroom floor that shows beauty without being distracting to your students. Below, you can see the various benefits of using epoxy for your classroom floor.

The Benefits of Epoxy Flooring for Classrooms

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Low Maintenance

School classrooms, especially elementary schools, are subject to frequent messes and accidents. These messes can stain traditional flooring materials while seeping into seams and cracks to create an unhealthy learning environment. Epoxy flooring is installed seamlessly, so germs and bacteria have no place to hide, while cleanup is quick and easy!

Professional Appearance

Let’s face it, traditional tiled floors for classrooms are known for fading or discoloring over the years, creating a look that’s unprofessional and sometimes distracting. The high-quality, professional appearance that epoxy flooring provides will give your classroom an elevated look that shows the professionalism that your school system strives for.

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Education is a process that rarely stops. No educational building has time to stop for frequent flooring repairs or total replacement altogether. Your classrooms need a floor that’s built to last! That’s where epoxy flooring comes in. When properly installed and maintained, an epoxy floor can last for 25 years or more without needing frequent repairs or premature replacement.

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