DIY Vs. Professional Epoxy Flooring

Nov 14, 2020 | Epoxy Flooring Tips

DIY Vs. Professional Epoxy Flooring

Do It Yourself Vs Professional Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a popular concrete coating that got its start in industrial applications but has recently found its way into thousands of homes across the U.S.

Now that more people choose this durable and long-lasting floor, the question is, “Can I just do this myself?”

Many people nowadays take great pride in do-it-yourself projects, and that’s a fantastic thing! But are there some projects out there that we really need to leave to the pros?

In the article below, we’ll discuss the differences between DIY epoxy flooring and professional installation. Continue reading to learn more!

DIY Epoxy Flooring
Tools and Equipment

If you’re a true do-it-yourselfer, you probably have a range of tools in your home, from carpentry to concrete. However, epoxy flooring requires several specialized tools for the mixing process and your concrete floor’s surface prep.

It’s unlikely that you have these tools lying around, so you’ll probably have to do some renting, which will be an additional cost to your installation. A floor grinder with a diamond grinding wheel or shot blasting equipment will be needed for the surface prep.

A powered mixing tool will be needed for mixing the resin and hardeners. You may be stuck buying a tool for the mixing because renting isn’t traditionally an option for this kind of tool. In that case, you’ll be stuck with a mixer that will just be gathering dust unless you choose to install another epoxy floor.

Epoxy Kits

The epoxy kits that you can generally find at Big Box stores are simply not up to par with the professional-grade epoxy that you’ll receive from a professional install. This means that it won’t be as durable, resistant, or long-lasting.

As a result, you may be forced to deal with more frequent repairs or even premature replacement, thus costing you more money than you’ve already invested.


One of the most significant reasons people choose epoxy flooring is for its high customization. However, customizing an epoxy floor can be more challenging than it sounds. The patterns and textures that can be incorporated in epoxy require close attention to detail to get correct.

Even a simple mistake can cause you to tear it up and start over from scratch. This can be even more difficult if you’re trying to do the application by yourself. Timing is crucial, and practiced technique is essential for applying a quality epoxy floor.

Professional Epoxy Flooring

Tools and Equipment

Professional epoxy flooring contractors have all the necessary tools and equipment to install a high-quality epoxy floor. From the application tools to the mixing tools to all the prep tools, they are fully stocked.

When you choose a professional installation team, you will not incur any additional costs for tools or equipment. It will be one cost for the overall installation, so there’s no worry about rental fees and the like.

Professional-grade Epoxy

The epoxy that professional companies use to install an epoxy floor is quite different than that of the DIY kits. DIY kits are typically water-based epoxy, which is best used as a primer or “epoxy paint.”

Professional epoxy is most commonly 100% solids epoxy resin. This type of epoxy is the most durable, resistant, and long-lasting on the market. You can trust that your floor will last for decades before needing substantial repairs or replacement.


When it comes to having a professional team customize your epoxy floor, you’re in safe hands. These teams have years of experience creating all kinds of diverse designs and patterns with epoxy. They have acquired various skills and techniques over the years that allow them to create whatever look you desire for your floor.

You’ll be avoiding the possibility of having to start completely over and spend more money on wasted resources. Not to mention, the quality of your epoxy’s appearance will be unmatched compared to a DIY project!

Final Thoughts

When we compare DIY epoxy flooring to professional epoxy flooring, the benefits lean heavily towards professional installation. The money that goes into a DIY project can be staggering, especially if a mistake is made. When you choose professional installation, there is no fear of pouring money into rental equipment, sub-par epoxy kits, or the risk of making a mistake. If you’re considering an epoxy floor for your home, we highly recommend choosing a professional epoxy flooring contractor!

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